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Gender: F Meaning of Tamar: "date palm tree" Origin of Tamar: Hebrew

Tamar is a rich, strong Old Testament name sometimes given to girls born on the holiday of Sukkoth, as palm branches were used to make the roof of the sukkah. In the Bible, there are several Tamars, including a daughter of King David and also Absalom's daughter, who is praised for her 'fair countenance'.

Tamar is also a river name in ancient Celtic. The River Tamar forms the border between the British counties of Devon and Cornwall, and Tamar is also associated with the Thames.

The Russian form Tamara has long outshone Tamar, but we think Tamar feels fresher. Parents in modern Israel agree: Tamar is among the most popular girls' names there. Just don't think about Tammy as a nickname!.

Famous People Named Tamar

Tamar the Great, Queen regnant of Georgia from 1184 to 1213. Presided over the apex of the Georgian Golden Age.
Tamar Braxton, American singer-songwriter & TV personality

Pop Culture References for the name Tamar

Tamar Grobe, character in the T. F. Powys novel 'Mr Weston's Good Wine' (1927), daughter of Revd. Nicholas Grobe and his dead wife Alice
Tamar Hyde, character in Mal Peet's 'Tamar' (2005)
River Tamar which separates Devon and Cornwall

Tammi, Tamarah, Tamer, Thama, Thamer, Temira, Tamor, Tmarah, Timi, Tamour, Tama, Timora, Tayma, Thamar, Tamah, Tammie, Tamara, Tammy