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Gender: F Meaning of Tallulah: "lady of abundance, or leaping water" Origin of Tallulah: Irish, Anglicized variation of Tuilelaith, or Choctaw

As memories of the outragrous actress Talullah Bankhead have faded, this hauntingly euphonious Choctaw name has re-entered the public domain. A modern hipster favorite, it's been chosen for their daughters by Philip Seymour Hoffman, Patrick Dempsey, Damian Dash, Rachel Roy and Sara Rue, trail-blazed by Demi Moore and Bruce Willis for their now grown daughter. (Trivia tidbit: Bankhead's namesake was her paternal grandmother who, in turn, was named after the Georgia town of Tallulah Falls.)

When spelled Tallula, as rocker Simon Le Bon did for his daughter, it is also a traditional Irish name that was borne by two saints.

Famous People Named Tallulah

Tallulah Bankhead, 1902-1968, American actress
Tallulah Hoffman, daughter of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman
Tallulah Pine Le Bon, daughter of British singer Simon Le Bon and model Yasmin Le Bon
Tallulah Novogratz, daughter of designers Robert and Cortney Novogratz
Talulah Riley, b. 1985, English actress, wife of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk
Tallulah Belle Willis, daughter of actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore
Emma Tallulah Behn, daughter of Princess Martha Louise of Norway

Pop Culture References for the name Tallulah

"Tallulah," song by Company of Thieves
Tallulah, character and song in movie "Bugsy Malone"
Jennifer Tallulah Humphrey, character in the Gossip Girl series
Tallulah, minor character in TV's "Doctor Who"
Tallulah, character in Korean animated series "Tickety Tock"
"Tallulah," song by Sonata Arctica

Tallie, Tally, Lula, Talula, Lulu, Tali, Talley, Talli, Tallula, Talulla