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Gender: M Meaning of Smith: "blacksmith" Origin of Smith: English occupational name

Even if it is the Number one surname in the U.S.--with more than 2.5 million bearers--we still think that Smith would make a cool first or middle name, whether or not it has family history.

Though Smith was in fairly regular use until the 1920s--reaching as high as Number 326 in 1885--it would make a totally distinctive, sophisticated choice today.

Famous People Named Smith

Smith Cho, American actress
Smith Van Buren-youngest son of 8th president Martin Van Buren
Brady Smith, American actor

Pop Culture References for the name Smith

Smith is the first name of the Samantha character's only longterm boyfriend on "Sex and The City." She renames him Smith Jerrod after learning his given name is Jerry Jerrod
The Smiths, a band
John Smith, historical figure and character in Pocahontas movies
Smith Vance, character in After book series by Anna Todd
Smith Keen, character from book and movie "The Pelican Brief"

Smythe, Smyth, Smitty