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Gender: F Meaning of Alexandra: Greek, feminine form of Alexander, "defending men"

Sophisticated French choice. Or toxic petrochemical.

Famous People Named Sandrine

Sandrine Holt - Canadian actress
Sandrine Testud, French tennis player
Sandrine Bonnaire, French actress and director
Sandrine, Australian singer-songwriter of pop music.
Sandrine Bailly, French Olympic biathlete
Sandrine Blancke, Belgian actress
Sandrine Corman, Belgian model
Sandrine Erdely-Sayo, French pianist
Sandrine François, French singer
Sandrine Kiberlain, French actress
Sandrine Piau, French opera singer
Sandrine Veysset, French film director
Sandrine Pinna, Taiwanese actress

Pop Culture References for the name Sandrine

Sandrine, debated as a baby name on TV's "Friends," where Ross calls it an "industrial solvent."
Sandrine Renault, character on TV's "Hostages"

Sandrina, Sandrianna, Sandreana, Sandrene, Sandrenna