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Gender: F

Variation of Sabah

Variation of Sheba

Famous People Named Saba

Saba Mahmood, anthropologist who teaches at UC Berkeley
Used by the essayist and wit Sydney Smith (1776-1845) for his eldest daughter, born ca. 1800, "in an effort to find something striking to go with Smith"
Saba Douglas-Hamilton, wildlife conservationist and TV presenter
Saba Ahmed, Republican Muslim Coalition
Saba Pachulia (b. 2009), son of Zaza Pachulia

Pop Culture References for the name Saba

Saba, 18-year-old protagonist of the book "Blood Red Road"
The rich and ostentatious queen of Sheba who visited Solomon after hearing of his wisdom (1 Kings 10); is elsewhere called the queen of Saba, e.g., in Psalm 72:10, in Marlowe's adaptation of the Faust legend (1590s), Shakespeare's 1613 play "Henry VIII," and in the title of a French-language opera by Charles Gounod: "La reine de Saba" (1862)