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Gender: M Pronunciation: sah-eed Meaning of Sa'id: "lucky, happy" Origin of Sa'id: Arabic

A popular name in the Arab community, with an upbeat meaning.

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Famous People Named Sa'id

Sa'id of Egypt, Wali of Egypt
Sa'id ibn Jubayr, Iraqi medieval Islamic scholar
Sa'id I ibn Idris, emir of Nekor, Morocco
Sa'id Akhtar Rizvi, Indian-born Islamic scholar
Sa'id al-Dawla, third Hamdanid ruler of the Emirate of Aleppo

Pop Culture References for the name Sa'id

Saide, Said, Saiyed, Saeed, Sa'ad, Sa'ied, Sa'eed, Saaid, Saiyeed, Saed, Saiyd, Sahid, Sayid