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Gender: F Meaning of Rivka: "young calf," Origin of Rivka: Hebrew Rivka's Popularity in 2015: #876

Traditional name still used in Orthodox families, it entered the Top 1000 in 2013.

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From the original Hebrew 'Ribkah', now Rebekah, possible meanings are "bound with rope" "ensnarer", "a noose".
From the Arabic, rabqat, "a tie-rope for animals," suggests that as a name it means the beauty by means men are snared or bound.
The root is found in Hebrew only in the noun meaning "stall" in the phrase "fatted calf" or "calf of the stall", and in view of the meaning of names like Rachel and Eglah the name Rebekah might well mean a "tied-up calf or lamb" one peculiarly choice and fat, suggesting that as a name it refers to her being a prime choice as a wife.

Rivvy, Rivca, Rivi, Riveka, Rivai, Riki, Rifka, Rifke