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Gender: F Meaning of Regina: "queen" Origin of Regina: Latin Regina's Popularity in 2013: #574

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A classic name with regal elegance--Queen Victoria, like other queens, had Regina appended to her name. Now ranking at Number 574, she was a Top 100 name in the 1960s.

St. Regina was a third century virgin martyr and her name was originally bestowed on girls in the Middle Ages, but it is used by modern Roman Catholics more because Regina Coeli (Queen of Heaven) is one of the Virgin Mary's titles. Often found in literature, Regina Engstrand plays a role in Ibsen's Ghosts, Regina Giddens is the central character in Lillian Hellman's play The Little Foxes and Regina Durham appears in Gore Vidal's novel The Judgement of Paris; more recently she was a mean girl in the movie Mean Girls. Regina is the birth name of actress Jenna Fisher.

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Famous People Named Regina

Regina Fisher, birth name of American actress Jenna Fisher
Regina Belle, American singer
Regina Resnik, American opera singer
Regina Carter, American jazz violinist
Regina Spektor, Russian/American singer-songwriter
Regina Saraiva, Brazilian musician
Regina Kulikova, Russian tennis player
Regina King, American actress
Regina Hall, American actress
Regina Ip, Hong Kong politician
Regina Taylor, American actress
Regina Anderson, American writer
Regina Brett, American journalist
(Verla) Eileen (Regina) Brennan, American actress

Pop Culture References for the Name Regina

Regina George, character in the movie Mean Girls (2004)
Regina Mills, character in Once Upon a Time
Regina Berry, character from 'Ace Attorney'
Regina 'Reggie' Kostas, character on US show Becker
Regina Phalange, pseudonym used by Phoebe on the sitcom Friends
Regina Vasquez, character on ABC Family TV show Switched at Birth
Regina/Toypurnia, mother of 'Zorro' in Isabel Allende's novel Zorro (2005)
Regina Hubbard Giddens, central character in Lillian Hellman's play The Little Foxes (1939)
Regina "Reggie" Rocket, character from animated series Rocket Power
Regina Rich, from comic books Richie Rich
all the Queens Regnant of European countries ever ex. Maria Regina (Queen Mary)
Regina is a city in Canada
Regina "Regine" Hunter, character from TV series Living Single
Regina, main character of the video game series Dino Crisis

Raina, Raine, Reggi, Reggie, Reggy

Regina's International Variations

Régine, Reinette, Regan, Reine, Regia (French) Reinhilda, Gina, Reinhilde (German) Rani (Hindi) Rana, Rania (Norse) Rane (Norwegian) Ina (Polish) Reina, Reyna (Spanish)