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Gender: M Meaning of Ramsay: "low-lying land" Origin of Ramsay: English

A surname occasionally used as a first, as in former attorney general Ramsey Clark.

Famous People Named Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay, British celebrity chef
William Ramsay, Scottish chemist and Nobel laureate

Pop Culture References for the name Ramsay

The Ramsays were the primary characters in Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse"
Ramsay Fife, militant atheist neighbor of Revd. Hutchins Light in the Eugene O'Neill play Dynamo (1929)
Ramsay Bolton, a character in the book series "A Song Of Ice And Fire" by George R. R. Martin
Ramsay Snow, a character in the series "Game Of Thrones"

Ramsy, Ram, Ramzi, Ramsee, Ramzee, Ramsey, Ramzy, Ramsie, Ramzey