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Gender: F Meaning of Quinn: "descendent of Conn" Origin of Quinn: Irish Quinn's Popularity in 2014: #126

One of the first Irish unisex surnames, a strong and attractive choice on the rise for both genders, though there are now more girl Quinns than boysl.

Quinn started taking off for girls in the mid-nineties, possibly influenced by the popular show Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Since then, there have been female Quinns on the animated MTV show Daria, on Zoey 101, and--most prominently-- on Glee, featuring cute blond cheerleader character Quinn Fabray.

Some other, more unusual names with the Q-factor: Quintina, Quintana, Quinta, Quilla--and, on a different note, Queenie.

Famous People Named Quinn

Quinn Louise Cummings, American actress
Quinn Norton, American journalist, photographer and blogger
Quinn Shephard, American actress
Quinn Kay Culkin, sister of American actor Macaulay Culkin
Copeland Quinn Bostwick, daughter of Sleeping With Sirens front man Kellin Quinn Bostwick

Pop Culture References for the name Quinn

Quinn Fabray, main character on TV's "Glee"
Quinn Alexandra James Evans, character on TV's "One Tree Hill"
Harley Quinn, character in the Batman series
Quinn Pensky, character on TV's "Zoey 101"
Quinn Morgendorffer, sister of Daria on TV's "Daria"
Quinn Garvey, ex-fiance to Barney Stinson on TV's "How I Met Your Mother"
Quinn Fuller, character on American soap "Bold And The Beautiful"
Kate Quinn, main character in Jenn Marie Thorne's YA novel The Wrong Side of Right
Quinn Perkins, character in the Scandal series

Quynn, Quin, Quinna, Quinne