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Gender: M Meaning of Phoenix: "dark red" Origin of Phoenix: Arizona place-name and Greek Phoenix's Popularity in 2015: #307

Phoenix rolls a lot of cool trends into one: it's a place-name and a bird name, it ends in the oh-so-hip letter x, and as the mythic bird that rose from the ashes, it's a symbol of immortality. It's also got celebrity chops, via the acting family that includes Joaquin and the late River, and as the child of an ex-Spice Girl. With all of these factors, it's no surprise this name is on the rise, now firmly in the Top 400.

Famous People Named Phoenix

Phoenix List, American actor
Phoenix Blackfeather Atha (b.2005) son of American rapper YelaWolf
Phoenix (b. 2012), son of personal trainer Jillian Michaels
Phoenix Ray, boy on the reality show "Freakshow" (AMC)
Phoenix Sky Andersen (b. 2015), son of actress AJ Cook
River Jude Phoenix, American film actor, musician, and activist
Joaquin Rafael Phoenix, American film actor
Noah Phoenix Ambrosio Mazur (b. 2012), son of Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio
Phoenix Avery (b. 2016), son of Chris Bosh

Pop Culture References for the name Phoenix

Phoenix, capital city of Arizona and the 6th most populated US city
Phoenix Wright, character in the Ace Attorney series of video games
Phoenix, alternative rock band from Versailles, France
The Phoenix, an Old English poem; makes the bird a Christian symbol
The Phoenix and the Turtle, 67-line poem by Shakespeare
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", 5th book in J.K. Rowling's popular series.
In the "Left Behind: The Kids" books, they name the puppy they find Phoenix.
In the Beautiful Dead book series by Eden Maguire, the protagonist's late boyfriend is named Phoenix.
Phoenix, son of Bridget and Joey in Moms' Night Out

Phenix, Phynix, Fenix, Pheonix