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Gender: F Pronunciation: PAW-la; POW-la Meaning of Paula: "small" Origin of Paula: Feminine variation of Paul Paula's Popularity in 2015: #889

Still seems stuck in the era of duo Paul and Paula bopping out the song "Hey, Paula." Two pronunciations are possible—the English "PAW-la" and the Portuguese "POW-la." It came close to dropping off the US Top 1000 in 2014 when it ranked Number 995, but it bounced back in 2015 to Number 889.

Modern bearers of the name include singer-songwriter Paula Abdul and TV cook Paula Deen.

Famous People Named Paula

Paula Abdul, American singer, choreographer, and dancer
Paula Patton, American actress
Paula Deen, American chef
Paula Devicq, Canadian actress
Paula Barbieri, former American model and actress
Paula Radcliffe, English long-distance runner
Paula Cole, American singer-songwriter
Paula Creamer, American professional golfer
Paula Elizabeth Yates, British personality
Paula Jaraquemada Alqui­zar, Chilean independence patriot
Paula Zahn, American journalist and newscaster who has been an anchor at ABC News, CBS News, Fox News, and CNN

Pop Culture References for the name Paula

Paula Cracker, former guitarist of the virtual band "Gorillaz"
Paula Proctor, character on CW's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"

Paula's International Variations

Pawlina, Pawla, Pola (Polish) Pasha, Polina, Pashenka, Pavlina (Russian) Paoletta, Paolina (Portuguese) Pauliina (Finnish) Paola (Italian) Paule, Pauline, Paulette (French)