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Gender: M

The first famous Paris was a mythological prince of incredible beauty. The most recent was media darling Paris Hilton, inspirer of a generation of baby-girl namesakes. But since Pierce Brosnan and other celebs have continued to use it for their sons, the name retains some masculine identity. For girls, it jumped from #464 to #412 in the past year alone.

Famous People Named Paris

Paris Lenon - American football player
Paris - Greek mythology figure
Paris Brosnan - son of Pierce Bronsnan and Keely Shaye Smith
Paris Latsis (nee Paris Kasidokosta) - Greek shipping heir and one-time fiancee of Paris Hilton
Jack Paris Cook, son of supermodel Christie Brinkley

Pop Culture References for the name Paris

Paris - character in "Romeo and Juliet"
Paris Minton, from TV series "Fallen Angels"

Parese, Paree, Parys, Parris, Paras, Parie, Pares