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Gender: F Pronunciation: ott-till-ee Meaning of Ottilie: "prosperous in battle" Origin of Ottilie: Feminine variation of German OTTO,

Ottilie and its diminutive Ottiline are a pair of names heard among the British upper crust, but have rarely been seen here since the 1880's. Though it has German roots via Otto, Ottilie has a distinctively delicate French feel.

Ottilie does have a few cultural references: She is a key character in Goethe's Elective Affinities, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote a poem called To Ottilie, Franz Kafka had a sister named Ottilie, and it is the name of the protagonist in the John Wyndom sci-fi story Random Quest.

Probably the best known Ottilie is the German journalist, abolitionist and feminist Ottilie Assing, who had a long involvement with fellow abolitionist Frederic Douglass.

Some attractive Ottilie relatives: Ottoline, Ottilia and Odile. And Ottilie has the adorable nicknames of Lottie and Tillie.

Famous People Named Ottilie

Ottilie Bondy (Jeitteles), Austrian suffragette, daughter of Alois Isidor Jeitteles
Ottilie Sutro, American pianist, sister of Rose Sutro
Ottilie Patterson, Irish jazz singer
Ottilie "Tilla" Durieux, Austrian actress
Ottilie "Ottla" Kafka, favourite sister of Franz Kafka

Pop Culture References for the name Ottilie

Ottilie's International Variations

Otilie (Czech) Otylia (Polish) Ottorina (Portuguese)