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Gender: F

In the Ossianic poems, Morven is the hero's kingdom. Here, a harsher Morgan alternative.

Famous People Named Morven

Morven Christie, Scottish actress

Pop Culture References for the name Morven

Reminiscent of Morwen (Welsh equivalent of the Cornish Morwenna; also means 'dark maiden' in Sindarin)
Another variation is Morvern, e.g. borne by the title character of 'Morvern Callar' (1995) by Scottish author Alan Warner
The name of mountains in Caithness and Aberdeenshire, Scotland (the latter of which is mentioned in a poem by Lord Byron: 'When I rov'd a young Highlander o'er the dark heath, / And climb'd thy steep summit, oh Morven of snow!')

Morvyn, Morvan, Morvin