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Gender: F Meaning of Miranda: "marvelous" Origin of Miranda: Latin Miranda's Popularity in 2015: #278

Miranda, a shimmeringly lovely, poetic name that was invented by Shakespeare for the beautiful and admirable young heroine of his play, The Tempest, is still a recommended choice even though its popularity peaked in the 1990's, partially as an antidote to Amanda. But while Amanda now sounds dated, Miranda retains a good measure of its charm.

Miranda made a big impression in Sex and the City and The Devil Wore Prada and was also a Harry Potter character--Miranda Goshawk, author of a Book of Spells. She was a Bond Girl in Die Another Day.

Attractive real life Mirandas currently on the scene include actress Cosgrove, singer Lambert and model Kerr.

Famous People Named Miranda

Miranda Taylor Cosgrove, American actress and singer
Miranda Leigh Shelton, better known as Miranda Lambert, American country singer
Miranda Jane Richardson, English actress
Miranda Otto, Australian actress
Miranda Carabello, American actress
Miranda Hart, (born Miranda Katherine Hart Dyke), English actress and comedian
Miranda Jennifer July, American actress
Miranda May Kerr, Australian supermodel
Miranda Vega Paparozzi, granddaughter of actress Nancy Sinatra
Miranda Sings, YouTube personality
Lin-Manuel Miranda, American composer and actor

Pop Culture References for the name Miranda

Miranda, character in the play "The Tempest"
Miranda Evans, from "Life as We Knew it" & " The World We Live In"
Miranda Mackintosh, to whom Hilaire Belloc wrote the poem "Tarantella"
Miranda Hobbes, a main character on Sex and the City
Miranda Bailey, character on Grey's Anatomy
Miranda Sanchez, character in Lizzie McGuire
Miranda Priestly, from The Devil Wears Prada
Miranda Carroll, character in novel " Station Eleven"
Miranda Goshawk, character from Harry Potter
Miranda, character in the 1989 movie Chances Are
Miranda Lucas-Payne, character in House of Payne
Miranda, a planet in the American film Serenity
Miranda, a character in W.I.T.C.H
Miranda Frost, character in the Die Another Day
Miranda II, a spaceship in Transformers: Energon
Miranda, the smallest moon of the planet Uranus
Miranda Morales, minor character on AMC's The Walking Dead
Miranda Melendy (aka Randy) , the ballet-dancing artist girl in Elizabeth Enright's Saturday children's book series
Miranda Feigelsteen, character in "Mysterious Ways"
Miranda, title of a British sitcom created by Miranda Hart
Miranda Johnson/Javensen, from "The Face on the Milk Carton"
Miranda, character in When You Reach Me, a novel by Rebecca Stead
Miranda Collins, character in ABC's "Ravenswood"
Miranda Lawson, character in video games Mass Effect 2 and 3
Miranda Shellhorn, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
Queen Miranda, mother of the title character in "Sofia the First"
Miranda Hillard, character in the film "Mrs. Doubtfire"
Miranda Crane, character on TV's "Supergirl"