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Gender: F Pronunciation: MEE-nah; MINN-ah Mina's Popularity in 2014: #687

Most famous as a Dracula victim (where Mina is short for Wilhelmina), Mina is an all-purpose name. Mina has continued to climb in popularity since re-entering the US Top 1000 in 2002, and now has the popularity it last had in the 1930s!

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Famous People Named Mina

Mina, Japanese singer from a K-Pop girl group called, Twice.
Mina-Jacqueline Au, socialite
Mina, born Anna Maria Quaini, Italian pop singer
Mina Kostic, Yugoslavian Singer
Mina Loy, artist, poet, playwright, novelist, Futurist, actress & designer
Mina Papatheodorou-Valyraki, Greek painter
Wilhelmina "Mina" Karadzic, Austrian-born Serbian painter & writer
Mina Tobias Amick-Alexis, daughter of actress Madchen Amick
Mina Cvetkovic, Serbian model

Pop Culture References for the name Mina

Mina Carolina, character from anime/manga 'Shingeki no Kyoujin' or 'Attack on Titan'
Mina Harker, character in Bram Stoker's Dracula
Mina Tepes, character in manga "Dance in the Vampire Bund"
Mina Tsukishiro, character in anime "Getsumento Heiki Mina"
Mina Mongoose, from Sonic the Hedgehog
Mina Majikina, character in video game "Samurai Shodown"
Mina Aino is the english dub name of Sailor Venus in Sailor Moon
Mina, character from TV series "Psych", episode "Bollywood Homicide"
Mina, character in the anime/manga Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler
Mina Murray, a character in the TV Series "Penny Dreadful"
Mina (Seong Mi-na), character from the 'Soul Calibur' series of games.
Mina McKee, character from David Almond's novel "Skellig"

Minna, Mena, Meena, Min