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Gender: M Pronunciation: MEM-fiss Meaning of Memphis: "Enduring and beautiful" Origin of Memphis: Greek and Coptic "Enduring and beautiful" Memphis's Popularity in 2015: #652

A place name with so much history, from Ancient Egypt, where so many pyramids were built, to the US blues southern city. The name also has a great meaning. Although its getting used on babies of both genders, Memphis is still more common for boys than girls.

Famous People Named Memphis

Memphis Kirke Mosberg (b. 2012) son of actress Jemima Kirke and husband Michael Mosberg
Memphis Depay, Dutch footballer

Pop Culture References for the name Memphis

Memphis, the name of the father penguin in Happy Feet
Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis Campbell, a character in Libba Bray's book The Diviners
Memphis Raines, Nicholas Cage's character in Gone In 60 Seconds
Memphis May Fire, screamo/rock band