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Gender: F Meaning of Maude: "battle-mighty" Origin of Maude: Variation of Matilda

Maude, also spelled Maud, is a lacy, mauve-tinted name that was wildly popular a hundred years ago, but has been rarely heard in the past fifty. Some stylish parents are starting to choose it again, especially as a middle.

Maud's early popularity was influenced by the Tennyson poem that included the oft-quoted line, "Come into the garden, Maude." Then, in the 1970's, along came the sitcom Maude, featuring the vociferous and opinionated character Maude Finlay, putting a very different spin on the name. But enough decades have now passed for the name to have settled back into its soft, sweet pastel image.

The Maud spelling has British royal associations via the daughter of Edward VII, who later became Queen of Norway; Maud Gonne was a famous Irish political activist.

Famous People Named Maude

Empress Maude, Holy Roman Empress, and claimant to the English throne.
Maude Apatow, American actress and daughter of film director/producer Judd Apatow and actress Leslie Mann; sister of Iris Apatow
Maude Maggart, American singer; sister of Fiona Apple
Maude George, American actress of the silent era
Maude Barlow, prominent Canadian activist
Maude Leary, born Maude Mary Hawk; American silent film actress
Maude Adams, stage star of the early-20th century, first person to play Peter Pan in America
Lucy Maude Montgomery, Canadian author of Anne of Green Gables

Pop Culture References for the name Maude

Maude Findlay, TV character played by Bea Arthur, from the 1970s American sitcom "Maude"
Maude Flanders - character from The Simpsons
Maude Lebowski from the movie The Big Lebowski
Princess Maude, from TV series "The Pillars of the Earth"
Maude Coleman, character from Tracy Chevlair's "Falling Angels"
Maude Chardin-"Harold & Maude" (1971)
"Micki & Maude," movie