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Gender: M Pronunciation: Muh-TEE-us Meaning of Matthias: "gift of God" Origin of Matthias: Aramaic variation of Matthew Matthias's Popularity in 2015: #555

With Matthew sounding somewhat exhausted, and ancient endings sounding new again, this New Testament apostolic name makes an appealing and recommended choice. Both Mathias and Matias are well used in the Hispanic community, and throughout Europe. Will Ferrell and his Swedish wife chose Matias for their second son.

In the Bible, Matthias is the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot. The Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches honor Matthias as a saint.

The Mathias spelling is used by George Eliot for the father of the protagonist of her novel Adam Bede.

Matthias is currently a Top 25 name in Austria, and is also well used in France, The Netherlands, Iceland and Belgium, and is Number 362 on Nameberry.

Famous People Named Matthias

Matthias Schoenaerts, Belgian actor

Pop Culture References for the name Matthias

Matthias Tunstall - Dog from the Provost's Dog series by Tamora Pierce
Matthias - mouse protagonist from Redwall by Brian Jacques

Matthias was chosen in Acts Chapter 1 to replace Judas and added to the 11 apostles.

Mathias, Mathis, Matthieus, Mattias

Matthias's International Variations

Matíos, Mathías, Mattáes, Matías, Mattías, Mathías, Mathios, Matías, Matíos, Mattáes, Mattías (Spanish) Maitias (Gaelic) Matteus (Portuguese) Mathais, Mathi, Matthaeus, Matthaus, Matthis, Matz (German) Mattathias, Matthaios (Greek)