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Gender: F Meaning of Marcia: "warlike" Origin of Marcia: Latin, feminine version of Marcius

Marcia is an ancient Roman name which derives from Mars, the god of war. It was used byDdante in the Inferno and later by Thomas Hardy and others.

Marcia enjoyed a brief run of popularity in the mid-twentieth century--it was a Top 100 name from 1943 to 1955-- then was replaced by Marcy and Marci. Now all three are in limbo, replaced by the newer Marley or the more vintage Marcella. An alternate spelling of Marcia is Marsha.

Famous People Named Marcia

Marcia Cross, American actress
Marcia Gay Harden, American actress
Marcia Wallace, American actress and voice artist
Marcia Lou Griffin Lucas, Film editor of the original Star Wars trilogy

Pop Culture References for the name Marcia

Marcia, mythical queen of the Britons
Lady Marcia, character in "Lady Connie" by Mrs Humphry Ward
Marcia Overstrand, character in "Septimus Heap" by Angie Sage
Marcia Brady, character on "The Brady Bunch"
Marcia Keith, mother of fictional character Mildred Keith
Marcia, a minor character in S.E. Hinton's "The Outsiders"

Marcia's International Variations

Marcita, Martia, Marquita, Marcina (Spanish) Marzia (Italian)