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Gender: M Meaning of Marcellus: "young warrior" Origin of Marcellus: Latin

This ancient Roman family name, first borne by the distinguished Marcus Claudius Marcellus and later by two popes, is a possibilty in the hot new category of names from antiquity.

Famous People Named Marcellus

Marcus Claudius Marcellus, several Roman statesmen and generals
Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr., birth name of Muhammad Ali, American boxer
Saint Marcellus of Tangier, 3rd century Roman martyr
Popes Marcellus I and II, bishops of Rome
Marcellus Wiley, American football player
Marcellus Hall, American musician and illustrator
Marcellus McCarver, American rapper

Pop Culture References for the name Marcellus

Marcellus Wallis, character in movie "Pulp Fiction"
Marcellus Shale, controversial underground source of natural gas that is at the center of the hydraulic fracturing debate
Marcellus Gallio, Roman tribune of the 1953 movie, "The Robe" played by Richard Burton
Marcellus "Marcel" Gerard, character in TV's "The Originals"
Marcellus, minor character in Shakespeare's "Hamlet"
Marcellus Washburn, character in The Music Man