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Gender: F Meaning of Marcella: "warlike" Origin of Marcella: Latin

Marcella has been in mothballs for so long it's starting to feel stylish again. Depicted as the world's most beautiful woman in Don Quixote (where it's spelled Marcela), this long neglected name seemed dated for decades but just might be ready for restoration. Another so-old-it's-new-again relative: Marcellina. Saint Marcella was a Roman matron of strength and intellect who organized a religious sisterhood at her mansion, which St. Jerome guided in religion and learning.

Famous People Named Marcella

Marcella Detroit, American singer
Marcella Mesker, former tennis player from the Netherlands
Marcella Russo, Australian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Marcella

Marcella Boyce, social worker in 'Marcella' (1894, Mrs Humphry Ward)
Marcella Monroe, video-game character in the Sims: 3 Moonlight Bay
Myrcella Baratheon, a princess in TV Series 'Game of Thrones' and ASOIAF

Marcella's International Variations

Marzena (Polish) Marceline, Marcelle, Marcelia (French) Marquita (Spanish) Marcela (Czech) Marcella (Italian) Marcelina (Slavic)