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Gender: F Origin of Maple: Tree name

If Apple and Juniper, Oak and Pine can be baby names, why not Maple? Why not indeed. We've heard Maple starting to be used quietly, but with its lush sound and attractive image, we predict its use as a first name will grow — and its recent choice by the Jason Batemans — who combined it with the sweet middle name Sylvie — will only accelerate that growth.

Famous People Named Maple

Maple Sylvie (2012) Daughter of Jason Bateman & Amanda Anka

Maple Gray (2012) Twin daughter of Australian rugby star Joel Reddy

Pop Culture References for the name Maple

"Maple" - Robert Frost poem about girl named Maple in her mother's memory

"Maple" - Preschooler book about a nature loving girl named Maple by Lori Nichols

"Maple and Willow" - Maple gets a little sister named Willow in the sequel to Lori Nichols book, "Maple."