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Gender: M Meaning of Emmanuel: Hebrew, "God is with us" Manuel's Popularity in 2014: #265

A staple of Hispanic naming, the Spanish variation of the English Emmanuel.

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Famous People Named Manuel

Manuel I, King of Portugal
Manuel II, last King of Portugal
Manuel Luis Quezón (y Molina), 2nd president of the Philippines
Manuel Acuña Roxas, 5th president of the Philippines
Manuel de Falla (y Matheu), Spanish composer
Manuel I Komnenos, Byzantine Emperor
Manuel Orantes (Corral), Spanish tennis player
Manuel Antonio Noriega (Moreno), Panamanian dictator
Manuel José Joaquín del Corazón de Jesús Belgrano, Argentine revolutionary
Manuel Peter Neuer, German footballer

Pop Culture References for the name Manuel

Manny, Manolete, Manolo, Mani, Mannie, Mango, Mannuel, Manolito, Manuelito, Manuelo, Manue, Nelo

Manuel's International Variations

Maco, Mano (Hungarian) Manoel (Portuguese) Manuil, Manuyil (Russian)