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Gender: M Pronunciation: loo-CHAHN-oh Meaning of Luciano: "light" Origin of Luciano: Italian variation of Lucian Luciano's Popularity in 2015: #538

A vibrant, operatic Latin choice.

Famous People Named Luciano

Luciano Pavarotti, renowned Italian tenor
Lucky Luciano, Italian mobster
Luciano Ochoa Mora, son of Guillermo Ochoa & Karla Mora
Luciano Pierre White, son of British chef - Marco Pierre White

Pop Culture References for the name Luciano

Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi Snyder, "As the World Turns" character played by Van Hansis
Dr Luciano "Luke" Forlano, character from Australian TV series "All Saints"
Lightning Larry Luciano, snail from TV show "Spongebob Squarepants"

Luiggi, Lui, Luigina