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Gender: F Meaning of Lou: "renowned warrior" Origin of Lou: Short form of Louise

Lou is usually a short form of Louise, Louisa, or Lucy in English-speaking countries, when Lou is used for girls at all. But in France and Germany, it's a fashionable choice all on its own, sure to gain even more widespread style credibility since Heidi Klum and Seal chose it for their daughter.

At one time Lou was pervasive as a girl's middle name (Mary Lou, Betty Lou), and seems to be making something of a comeback--Louis C.K. has a Mary Lou and Keri Russell named her daughter Willa Lou.

Famous People Named Lou

Lou, German pop singer
Amy Lou Adams, American actress
Louise "Lou" Teasdale, British hair and makeup artist
Lou Doillon, (b. 1982) French model and singer; daughter of model Jane Birkin
Lou Sulola Samuel (b. 2009), daughter of model Heidi Klum and singer Seal
Willa Lou Deary (b. 2011), daughter of actress Keri Russell

Pop Culture References for the name Lou

Lou Fleming, character in the "Heartland" series by Lauren Brooke
"Lou!" French comic book series
Cindy Lou Who, character in Dr Seuss' "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"
Lou Ellen, character in "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series.
Sounds like "loo," the British word for toilet
Lou Ann Ruiz, character in the novel "The Bean Trees" by Barbara Kingsolver
Lou, character on TV's "Bunk'd"