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Gender: F Meaning of Loretta: "bay laurel" Origin of Loretta: English variation of Italian Lauretta; diminutive of Laura

Though Loretta has long ago lost its Latin flair, fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker's choice of it as the middle name of one of her twin daughters freshens it up a bit. It's one of several such names, like Anita and Rita that we can envision making a comeback.

It's a name that was once strongly associated with the glamorous, long popular movie and then TV star Loretta Young (born Gretchen), as well as country singer Loretta Lynn--who was named after Loretta Young.

Famous People Named Loretta

Loretta Young, American actress
Loretta Lynn, American country singer
Loretta Devine, American actress
(Marion) Loretta Elwell Broderick, daughter of actors Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick
Loretta Swit, American actress
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch

Pop Culture References for the name Loretta

Loretta Brown, ex-wife of Cleveland Brown on TV's "Family Guy"
Loretta Tortelli, Carla's ex-husband's new wife on TV's "Cheers"
Loretta Cancun, minor character on TV's "Veronica Mars"
Loretta Black, from TV series "Curb Your Enthusiasm"
Loretta Martin, featured in the song "Get Back" by The Beatles
"Loretta," song by Townes van Zandt
Loretta Castorini, Cher's character in "Moonstruck"
Dr. Loretta Wade, the M.E. on the TV series "NCIS: New Orleans"
Loretta Callisto, older sister from the Disney Jr. cartoon series "Miles from Tomorrowland"
Loretta Stinson, Barney Stinson's mother on How I Met Your Mother

Lauretta, Lauret, Leretta, Larretta, Loret, Lorette, Laurette, Larette, Lorretta, Laretta, Lowretta, Loreta