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Gender: F Origin of Liza: Diminutive of Eliza, diminutive of Elizabeth

Liza is still tied to Ms. Minnelli, who was named by her mother Judy Garland after a George Gershwin song. Step up to Eliza instead.

Famous People Named Liza

Liza Lou, American artist
Liza Huber, American actress and daughter of Susan Lucci
Liza Minnelli, American singer/actress
Liza Mundy, American journalist/author
Liza Yermalovich, Belarusian model
Elizabeth "Liza" Ryan, daughter of congressman Paul Ryan
Liza Rebecca Weil, American actress, best known for playing Paris on "Gilmore Girls"
Liza Soberano, Filipino Actress

Pop Culture References for the name Liza

"There's a Hole in My Bucket (Dear Liza)," American folk song
Liza Colby, character in "All My Children"
"Liza (All The Clouds Roll Away)," song by George Gershwin
L'il Liza Jane, American jazz and folk song
"Liza Jane," song by Vince Gill
"Liza Jane," song by David Bowie
Liza, one of the titular brides in the movie "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
Liza, the Darlings' maid in "Peter Pan" by J. M. Barrie
Eliza-Louisa "Liza-Lu" Durbeyfield, Tess's sister in "Tess of the d'Urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy
Liza Kemp, central character in "Liza of Lambeth" (1897), W. Somerset Maugham's debut novel
Liza Mullins, character in the movie "Chronicles of Syntax"
Liza Bump, character on TV's Ally McBeal
Liza Miller, character in "Younger"
Liza Warner, character on TV's "Arrow"