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Gender: F Meaning of Lisa: "pledged to God" Origin of Lisa: English variation of Liza, diminutive of Elizabeth Lisa's Popularity in 2015: #749

Elvis naming his daughter Lisa Marie and Nat King Cole's hit song "Mona Lisa" conspired to catapult one of Elizabeth's many offshoots to Number 4 in 1970. Its star barely twinkles now.

Famous People Named Lisa

Lisa del Giocondo, Florentine model for Leonardo da Vinci's "Mona Lisa"
Lisa Valerie Kudrow, American actress
Lisa Marie Presley, American singer and daughter of Elvis
Lisa Nicole "Left Eye" Lopes, singer with American R&B group TLC
Lisa Anne Loeb, American singer-songwriter
Lisa Leslie, American pro basketball player
Lisa Marie Origliasso, Australian singer of pop duo The Veronicas
Lisa Deanna Rinna, American actress
Lisa Michelle Bonet aka Lilakoi Moon, American actress
Lisa Gerrard, Australian lead singer of band Dead Can Dance
Lisa M. Stasse, American writer
Lisa Najeeb Halaby, birth name of Queen Noor of Jordan
Lisa Edelstein, American actress
Lisa Randall, American theoretical physicist
Lisa Lisa (Velez), American lead singer of band Cult Jam
Lisa Raymond, American tennis player
Lisa Marie Varon aka Veronica, American pro wrestler
Lisa Jane Stansfield, British singer
Lisa Loring, played Wednesday on the original "The Addams Family"
Lisa Nicole Brennan-Jobs, American writer and daughter of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and Chrisann Brennan
Lisa Ormestad (born Helljesen), Norwegian singer, best known as a female singer in Norwegian music group Folque.
Lisa Schwartz, American vlogger

Pop Culture References for the name Lisa

Lisa Marie Simpson, daughter on TV's "The Simpsons"
Lisa Garland, character in the video game series "Silent Hill"
Lisa Trevor, character in the video game series Resident Evil
Lisa Bunch, character in "The Sims 3" computer game
Lisa Braeden, character on TV's "Supernatural"
Dr. Lisa Cuddy, character on TV's "House," played by Lisa Edelstein
Lisa Hunter, character in movie "Face the Music"
Lisa Loopner, character played by Gilda Radner on "Saturday Night Live"
Lisa Basil, character in video game "Ace Attorney"
Lisa Rowe, character in the book and film "Girl, Interrupted"
Lisa Brandt, character in 1962 movie "David and Lisa"
"Mona Lisa," painting by Leonardo da Vinci
The Lisa, aka Apple Lisa, personal computer that was designed by Apple Computer, Inc., in the early 1980s; Steve Jobs named the computer project after his daughter Lisa
Lisa Loud, a character from the Nickelodeon cartoon "The Loud House"
Lisa Snart aka Golden Glider, character on TV's "The Flash"

Liseta, Leeza, Liesebet, Liesa, Lisetta

Lisa's International Variations

Lissa, Liesja, Leesa (Dutch) Lisette, Elize (French) Lise (Danish) Liesel, Liese (German) Lisza (Hungarian)