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Gender: F Meaning of Lilith: "ghost, night monster" Origin of Lilith: Assyrian, Sumerian Lilith's Popularity in 2013: #826

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Lilith has been demonized since medieval times, with Jewish folklore portraying her as Adam's rejected first wife, who was turned into a hideous night demon for refusing to obey him. So, in spite of its gently pleasant sound, Lilith has for the most part been rarely heard outside of reruns of Cheers and Frasier.

But that could be changing, in part due to Lilith Fair, the all-female traveling music festival organized by Canadian singer Sarah McLaughlin, which has raised millions for women's charities.

Yet Lilith's demonic aura has followed her through popular culture in various fantasy novels including George MacDonald's 1895 Lilith, comics such as Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, TV shows like True Blood, comics, anime, and numerous video games.

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Famous People Named Lilith

Scarlet Lilith Eleida Page, daughter of Jimmy Page
Lilith, Biblical woman. Created out of the same mud as Adam as his equal counterpart who defied Adams need to control her, attempted negotiations, and when this failed, left Adam and the Garden of Eden. Thus has been demonized as an "evil" woman in Judeo-Christian religions. also known as Lilit in Hebrew

Pop Culture References for the Name Lilith

Lilith Fair, concert tour and traveling music festival that consisted of female solo artists and female-led bands; took place during the summers of 1997 to 1999 and was revived in the summer of 2010
Lilith, demon on "Supernatural"
Lilith Sternin, character on "Cheers" and "Frasier"
Lilith, character in the "Mortal Instruments" series by Cassandra Clare
Lilith, the Vampire God on HBO's "True Blood"
Lilith Aensland, character in the "Darkstalkers" series
Lilith, demon in the Nevermore book series by Kelly Creagh
Lilith, a Siren in the video game Borderlands
Lilith, a character in the series 'Fallen' (Lauren Kate)