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Gender: F Origin of Lettice: English variation of Letitia

Lettice is still occasionally heard in upper-class British families, but we fear it would cause too much salad-green teasing to be considered in the U.S. Calling your little Lettice Lettie could help make the name more user-friendly, or go all the way to the original Letitia.

Famous People Named Lettice

Lettice Knollys, Countess of Essex and Leicester
Lettice Digby, 1st Baroness Offaly, Irish noblewoman
Lettice Boyle, wife of English Royalist soldier George Goring, Lord Goring
Lettice Rowbotham, English violinist and contestant on "Britain's Got Talent"
Lettice Curtis, English aviator
Lettice Cooper, English writer
Lettice Mary Tredway, English canoness and abbess

Pop Culture References for the name Lettice

"Lettice and Lovage," play by Peter Shaffer about tour guide Lettice Douffet

Letty, Lettie