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Gender: M Meaning of Lazarus: "God is my helper" Origin of Lazarus: Latinized Greek variation of Hebrew Eleazar

Lazarus is a name that looks as if it could possibly be raised from the dead, just like its biblical bearer. Look for it in the next wave of Old Testament revivals that transcend their long-bearded images, the way Noah, Moses, and Abraham have for this generation.

In the Bible, there are two people named Lazarus, the better known being the brother of Mary and Martha of Bethany whom Jesus raised from the dead. There have been also several saints named Lazarus.

As a surname, Lazarus is most identified with poet Emma Lazarus, whose words are displayed on the Statue of Liberty.

Related options are the original Hebrew Eleazar, the Italian and Spanish Lazaro, and the Yiddish form Lazer/Laser, the name of the son in the film The Kids are All Right.

Famous People Named Lazarus

Trent Reznor named his son Lazarus Echo in 2010.
Lazarus Immanuel Fuchs, German mathematician who contributed important research in the field of linear differential equations

Pop Culture References for the Name Lazarus

Lazarus, indestructible protagonist of Lazarus Laughed, a 1927 play by Eugene O'Neill (his parents and sisters, Mary and Martha, are all trampled to death)
Lazarus Powheid, sexton in Walter Scott's "Castle Dangerous" (1832)
Lazarus, Image Comics series
"Me and Lazarus", a song by Iron & Wine
Dr Lazarus of Tek'Meck, from the movie "Galaxy Quest"
Dr. Lazarus, Doctor Who
F&R Lazarus & Company, defunct regional department store chain operating primarily in the U.S. Midwest
"Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!", album and song by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
"The Lazarus Effect" , 2015 Horror/Thriller movie
"The Lazarus Sign" 2014 single by American Deathcore band, Defiler

Eleazer, Lazar, Lazarillo, Lazarius, Lazaros, Lazear, Lazer, Lazorus, Lazzaro, Lázár

Lazarus's International Variations

Lazare (French) Lazaro (Italian) Lázaro (Spanish)

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