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Gender: M Meaning of Landon: "long hill" Origin of Landon: English Landon's Popularity in 2015: #46

Landon is a popular surname name, now ranking at Number 46, slightly down from last year but still surpassing its once more popular rhyming cousin Brandon. For some it may bring back nostalgic memories of Little House on the Prairie 's understanding Pa, played by Michael Landon.

Landon has been chosen for their sons by two musicians, American Idol finalist Josh Gracin and Blink drummer Travis Barker, whose middle name is Landon. It's also the name of soccer superstar Landon Donovan of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Famous People Named Landon

Landon Timothy Donovan, American soccer player
Landon Douglas Cassill, American NASCAR driver
Landon Ronald (Russell), English conductor
Landon Cohen, American football player
Landon Pigg, American singer and actor
Landon Liboiron, Canadian actor
Landon Curt Noll, American computer scientist
Landon Powell, American baseball player
Landon Wilson, American hockey player
Landon Lloyd Ling, Canadian footballer
Landon Austin, American singer-songwriter
Michael Landon, American actor
Landon Asher Barker (b. 2003), son of Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker
Landon Allen, holds the world record for longest time spent not leaving his room

Pop Culture References for the name Landon

Landon Carter, main character in the novel by Nicholas Sparks and movie "A Walk to Remember" played by Shane West
Landon School, a private school for boys right outside Washington D.C.

Landin, Landan, Land, Landyn, Landen