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Gender: F Origin of Lana: Diminutive of Alana Lana's Popularity in 2015: #353

Lana, sexy sweater girl name of the 1940s via Lana (born Judy) Turner, doesn't retain much power to attract today; Lane would be a stronger choice for a modern girl. Nonetheless, Lana is currently on the rise, possibly related to Lana Kane, a sexy secret agent on TV show Archer, voiced by Aisha Tyler.

Famous People Named Lana

Lana Del Rey, stage name of American singer born Elizabeth "Lizzy" Grant
Lana Morris, British actress
Lana Turner, American actress
Lana Maria Parrilla, American actress
Lana Michelle Moorer, American rapper
Lana Parilla, actress

Pop Culture References for the name Lana

Lana Lang, from the Superman universe
Lana Skye, character from 'Ace Attorney'
Lana Arwen Lazar, character in Michael Grant's Gone series
Lana "Lana Banana" Winters, character in TV show American Horror Story: Asylum
Lana, a character from the Princess Diaries, friends with Anna and Vontana
Lana, TV Character on "Switched at Birth"
Lana Kane, character from "Archer"
Lana, character from "Risky Business"
Lana, character from Rebecca Stead's novel, First Light
Lana Willis, character in Becka Montana's novel, Queue
Lana, ring name of C.J. Perry, a WWE Diva
Lana Loud, a character from the Nickelodeon cartoon "The Loud House"

Lanny, Lanae, Lanna, Lanette, Lannah