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Gender: F Meaning of Kylie: "a boomerang" Origin of Kylie: Aboriginal Kylie's Popularity in 2015: #66

Popular pop name, inspired by Australian singer Kylie Minogue; this year, Kylie is at Number 66. Youngest sister of the Kardashians, Kylie Jenner, is undoubtedly keeping its style going.

Famous People Named Kylie

Kylie Ann Minogue, Australian pop singer
Kylie Kristen Jenner, American reality TV personality
(Kathleen) Kylie Tennant, Australian novelist
Kylie Rae Tyndall, American actress; twin sister Keaton Tyndall
Kylie Bunbury, Canadian-American actress
Kylie Bax, New Zealand model and actress
Kylie Anne Foy, New Zealand field hockey player
Kylie Gillies, Australian TV presenter
Kylie Ireland, American adult film actress
Kylie Kwong, Australian celebrity chef
Kylie Nicole Sicangco Padilla, Australian-Filipina actress
Kylie Travis, Australian actress

Pop Culture References for the name Kylie

Kyle aka "Kylie," character on British comedy series "The Beautiful People"
Kylie Hunter, character in movie "Getting There"
Kylie Platt, character on British soap "Coronation Street"

Kyli, Kylee, Keilley, Kyley, Keyely, Kyllie, Keily, Kilea, Keiley, Kiley, Kye, Keilly