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Gender: F Meaning of Kinsey: "king's victory" Origin of Kinsey: English

Kinsey enjoyed popularity blip thanks to similarity to Lindsay, and because of Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries heroine, Kinsey Millhone. Now, Kinsley has become more popular than Kinsey.

Famous People Named Kinsey

Alfred Kinsey (1894-1956), American biologist and surveyor of human sexual behaviour
Angela Kinsey, American actress known for her role on The Office (US)

Pop Culture References for the name Kinsey

Kinsey Millhone, heroine of Sue Grafton's "Alphabet mystery" series
The surname comes from the medieval personal name Kynsey, a descendant of Old English Cynesige, literally 'royal victory'.
Movie called "Kinsey" based on life of Alfred Kinsey
The Kinsey Scale - developed by Alfred Kinsey - is a scale used to place where you sit in terms of your sexuality. 0 being completely heterosexual up to 7 being completely homosexual

Kinsley, Kinsee, Kinzie, Kinzi, Kinza, Kinnsee, Kinnsie, Kinzey, Kinze, Kinzy, Kinsie, Kinnsey, Kinzee