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Gender: M Origin of Kim: English, diminutive of Kimball

Kim is forever feminized, despite memories of the Rudyard Kipling character.

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Famous People Named Kim

(Laurence) Kim Peek, American savant who was inspiration for movie "Rain Man"
Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby (1912-88), British intelligence officer and Soviet secret agent
Kim Manners (b. 1951, d. 2009), American television producer and director
Kim Dotcom, entrepeneur and internet tycoon, most famous for creating MegaUpload
Kim Dae-jung, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize
Kim Jon-ung, leader of North Korea
Kim Fowley, record producer and musician, most famous for managing The Runaways
Kim Woo-jin, South Korean archer

Pop Culture References for the name Kim

Kimball "Kim" O'Hara, hero of Rudyard Kipling's "Kim" (1901)