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Gender: F Pronunciation: KEE-zee-ah or KEE-szhah Meaning of Keziah: "cassia tree" Origin of Keziah: Hebrew

Keziah, also spelled Kezia, is an Old Testament name — she was one of the three daughters of Job, about whom it was said that there were no women all the land who were so fair as Job's daughters — which was widely used for slaves and is still most common in the African-American community. The lovely, distinctive Keziah — along with others like her biblical sister Jemima — deserves full emancipation. Modern parents are also rediscovering the related, cinnamon-scented Cassia.

Some variations include Kezia, Kazia, Keshia, Kizzie, and Kizzy.

Famous People Named Keziah

Hannah Keziah Clapp, American educator and suffragist

Pop Culture References for the name Keziah

Keziah, biblical figure, daughter of Job
Keziah, gargoyle in movie "I, Frankenstein"
"Keziah Dane," novel by Sue Grafton
Keziah Mason, character in the Cthulhu Mythos by H.P. Lovecraft