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Gender: M Meaning of Keith: "wood" Origin of Keith: Scottish Keith's Popularity in 2015: #425

Strong but gentle, Keith is one of the Scottish surnames that, along with Douglas, Craig and Bruce, were considered the epitome of cool in the 1960s and early 1970s, when it was a Top 40 choice. An aging classic, Keith is still well used enough to rank at Number 425.

Keith made his debut in the nineteenth century and was borne by a long line of Scottish nobles. In the recent past he's been represented by musicians Keith Richards, Keith Moon, Keith Jarrett and Keith Urban, as well as actor Keith Carradine, TV guy Keith Olbermann, artist Keith Haring and baseball star Keith Hernandez.

Famous People Named Keith

Keith Anderson, American country music artist
Keith Cozart, better known as Chief Keef, American rapper
Keith Michell, Australian actor, definitive portrayer of Henry VIII
Keith Moon, drummer of the English rock group the Who
Keith Leon Potger, Australian singer
Keith Theodore Olbermann, American political commentator
Keith Richards, guitarist for Rolling Stones
Keith Lionel Urban, Australian singer
Keith Habersberger, actor and director for Buzzfeed

Pop Culture References for the name Keith

Keith Partridge, from "The Partridge Family," played by David Cassidy
On the TV show "Family Guy," Keith is dubbed the most unattractive name in the English language.
Keith Mars, character in the TV show "Veronica Mars"
"Bandit" Keith Howard, character from the manga/anime Yu-Gi-Oh
Keith "Two-Bit" Matthews, character from the book/movie "The Outsiders"
Keith Scott, uncle of Lucas Scott and father to Lily Scott on "One Tree Hill"
Keith Anderson, character on TV's "Good Times"
Keith Nelson, character from the movie, "Some Kind Of Wonderful"
Keith Butterfield, character from the movie, "Endless Love"