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Gender: F Meaning of Josephine: "Jehovah increases" Origin of Josephine: French feminine variation of Joseph Josephine's Popularity in 2013: #160

Popularity: this week.

With its large measure of class and character and a gently offbeat quality, plus an intriguing number of vivacious nicknames, it's no wonder Josephine is a Nameberry favorite and climbing up the national ladder as well, now at Number 160.

There have been many interesting and provocative Josephines in the past to look to: Empress Josephine Bonaparte (born Marie-Josephe-Rose and called Josephine by husband Napoleon), and exotic singer-dancer Josephine Baker (born Freda), to name just a couple.

Some of the Josephines in literature and recent pop culture are known by their nicknames--the admirably headstrong Jo in Little Women, Joey Potter (played by Katie Holmes) in Dawson's Creek and Josie of Josie and the Pussycats. In Some Like it Hot, Josephine was the nom de femme of Tony Curtis.

Josephines have been the subjects of countless songs, performed by artists ranging from Fats Domino to Tori Amos to the Black Crowes.

Famous People Named Josephine

Josephine Foster, American folk singer
Josephine Clara Goldmark, American reformer
Josephine Baker, American singer/dancer/actress
Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon
Princess Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda of Denmark
Josephine Siao, Hong Kong actress
Josephine St. Pierre Ruffin, American journalist
Josephine Preston Peabody, American writer
Josephine Skriver, Danish model
Josephine Colette Almond (b. 2006), Daughter of Steve Almond
Josie Griffiths (born Josephine), British Child actress

Pop Culture References for the Name Josephine

Josephine "Joey" Potter, main female in Dawson's Creek
Josephine "Jo" March, character in Little Women
Josephine "Josie", from Josie and the Pussycats
Josephine "Josie" Alibrandi, in Looking for Alibrandi
Lady Mary Josephine Crawley character on TV series Downton Abbey
Aunt Josephine Barry, character from Anne of Green Gables
Josephine Muscat, Character in the novel and film "Chocolat".
"Josie," from TV show "Strange Days at Blake Holsy High"
Grandma Josephine, from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
Josephine "Josie" Cormier, from Jodi Picoult's novel "Nineteen Minutes"
Josephine "Josie" Griffin, from book "Josie Griffin is Not a Vampire"
'Come Josephine In My Flying Machine' a popular song from 1911
Josephine "Josie" Jones, character on British TV series Fresh Meat
Josephine Bell, character from Tara Conklin's "The House Girl"
"Josie", mentioned in The Outfield's song "Your Love"

Feeney, Fifi, Fifine, Fina, Finetta, Finette, Jo, Joette, Joey, Jojo, Joline, Josana, Josanna, Josanne, Josebe, Josee, Josefa, Josefena, Josefene, Josepha, Josephe, Josephene, Josephina, Josephyna, Josephyne, Josetta, Josette, Josey, Josiane, Josianna, Josianne, Josie, Josy, Jozsa, Posey, Yosebe, Yosepha, Yosephina

Josephine's International Variations

Josefine (German) Seosaimhín (Irish Gaelic) Giuseppina (Italian) Józefina (Polish) Josefana, Hosefina, Josefina (Spanish)