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Gender: M Meaning of Joseph: "Jehovah increases" Origin of Joseph: Hebrew Joseph's Popularity in 2013: #20

Popularity: this week.

Joseph is one of the most classic names in American nomenclature, popular with parents from many ethnic backgrounds and having dual-religious appeal. In the Old Testament, Joseph is the twelfth and favorite son of Jacob and Rachel; in the New Testament it is the name of the carpenter husband of the Virgin Mary, mother of Christ.

The warm and friendly nickname Joe is the all-time regular guy name, as in Joe Blow, G.I. Joe, etc., celebrated in songs like 'Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe.' Joe is frequently used on its own, as Kate Winslet did for her son.

So even if Joseph may be dipping ever so slightly in the popularity charts--it's still in the Top 20-- it will always be a strong and solid choice. Variations of Joseph are popular worldwide, including Jose, Giuseppe and Josef, while the female Josephine is a currently enjoying a style revival.

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Famous People Named Joseph

Joseph, eleventh son of Jacob
Joseph, foster father of Jesus and husband of The Virgin Mary
Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt, American actor
Joseph Fiennes, actor and brother of Ralph
Joseph "Joe" Jackson, Michael and Janet's father
Joseph "Joe" Biden, vice president of the United States
Joseph Heller, American writer
Joseph "Joe" Sugg, Youtube personality
Joseph Campbell, inventor of Campbell's soup
Joseph 'Joe' Jonas, American actor and musicain
Joseph Michael Jennings (b. 2009), son of Kerri Lee Walsh-Jennings
Joseph Washington Logan (b. 2008), son of Lara Logan
Joseph Stockton Rhodes (b. 2004), son of Natalie Leticia Morales
Evan Joseph Asher (b. 2002), son of Jenny McCarthy
Roan Joseph Bronstein (b. 2000), son of Sharon Stone
James Joseph Cavanagh (b. 2009), son of Tom Cavanagh
Ace Joseph Dumont (b. 2006), son of Tom Dumont
Brandon Joseph Grandalski (b. 2000), son of Marlee Matlin
Michael Joseph Lockwood II (b. 2010), son of Lisa Leslie
Joseph Garrett Duggar, the Duggar's 7th child
Jax Joseph Nilon (b. 2007), son of Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon
Brendan Joseph Wahlberg (b. 2008), son Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham
Joseph "Joss" Whedon-American writer, director and producer
Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism
Joseph Marciano Armstrong, son of Billie Joe Armstrong from band Green Day
Joseph Cousins, child actor; twin brother Christian Cousins
Joseph Raymond Romano, son of actor Ray Romano
Jagger Joseph Blue Goldberg, daughter of actor/filmmaker Jason Goldberg and actress Soleil Moon Frye
Joseph Cameron Finley, former child actor
Joseph Frederick Kushner, son of Ivanka Trump
Joseph Fourier, French mathematician and physicist
Joseph "Joe" West - plays Kurt in the Sound of Music Live
Joseph "Joe" William Gilgun, English actor

Pop Culture References for the Name Joseph

Joseph (Joey) Francis Tribbiani, Character on TV's "Friends"
G.I. Joe
"Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Jazeps, Jessop, Jessup, Jodi, Jodie, Jody, Joe, Joeseph, Joey, Jojo, Joop, Joos, Jopie, Jos, Joseba, Josephat, Josephie, Josephus, Josheph, Josif, Josiff, Joss, Josue, Jozef, Jozka, Jozzepi, Seppi