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Gender: M Meaning of Jonas: "dove" Origin of Jonas: Greek variation of Jonah Jonas's Popularity in 2015: #429

Jonas has a slightly more grandfatherly image than the English version of his name, but that only adds to its retro appeal. And though it may lag behind Jonah in this country, Jonas is riding a huge wave of popularity in Europe, where it ranks highly in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Norway.

Over time, it has been associated with Dr. Jonas Salk, developer of the anti-polio vaccine, and tween fave group the Jonas Brothers. Charles Dickens used the name for a character in Martin Chuzzlewit.

Famous People Named Jonas

Jonas Edward Salk, American physician
Jonas Lars Bjorkman, Swedish tennis player
Jonas Gray, American NFL football player
Jonas Mouton, American football player
Jonas D. Jennings, American football player
Jonas Kendall, former U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
Jonas Sibley, former U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
(William) Jonas Armstrong, English actor
Jonas Gahr Store, Norwegian politician
The Jonas Brothers- Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas

Pop Culture References for the name Jonas

Jonas Grumby, aka The Skipper, character on TV's "Gilligan's Island"
Jonas, main character in Lois Lowry's "The Giver"
Jonas Miller, character in movie "Twister"
Jonas Quinn, character on TV's "Stargate SG-1"
"Jonas," novel by Jens Bjørneboe and its main character
Jonas, from the Book of Mormon
"My Name Is Jonas," song by Weezer

Jonukas, Joonas, Jonaus, Jonah, Jonass, Jonaso, Jonelis, Jonus, Jonahs, Jonutis