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Gender: M Meaning of Jim: "supplanter" Origin of Jim: English, diminutive of James

Peaked in the 1940s, but still an amiable classic, a la Joe and Tom -- though rarely used on its own.

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Famous People Named Jim

James Robert "Jim" Davis, creator of Garfield comic strip
James "Jim" Joseph Parsons, American actor
James "Jim" Morrison, American singer
James "Jim" Anthony Sturgess, actor
James "Jim" Joseph Harbaugh, American football coach
James Eugene "Jim" Carrey, Canadian actor
James Maury "Jim" Henson, American creator of The Muppets
James Adam "Jim" Belushi, American actor
Jim Thiebaud, professional American skateboarder
James "Jim" Alfred Chapman, English YouTube personality
Jim Rash, American actor
Jim Bakker, American televangelist
Jim Reid, lead singer of American band The Jesus and Mary Chain
James Robert "Jim Bob" Duggar, father of the nineteen children portrayed in the reality television show, "19 kids and counting"
Jim Carter, English actor

Pop Culture References for the name Jim

Jim and the Povolos - American band
Jim, minor character on AMC's The Walking Dead played by Andrew Rothenberg.
Captain James T. Kirk, called " Jim" by Doctor McCoy
Jim Friedman, character from the movie "Blended"
Jim Hudson, character from TV series "Revolution"
James "Jim" Halpert, character from US TV series "The Office"

Jimmey, Jimmie, Jimi, Jimm, Jimson, Jimmy, Jimbo, Jimmee