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Gender: M Origin of Jerry: Diminutive of Gerald or Jerome Jerry's Popularity in 2015: #491

Rapidly declining in popularity, as most Jerrys have their AARP cards.

Famous People Named Jerry

Jerome Allen "Jerry" Seinfeld, American actor and comedian
Jerry Lewis, American comedian, actor, director, singer, and philanthropist
Jerry Lee Lewis, American singer
Gerald William "Jerry" Trainor, American actor
Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer, British-born TV personality, attorney, and former Cincinnati mayor & news anchor
Jerry Donohue, American theoretical and physical chemist
Jerry Hsu, American pro skateboarder
Jeremiah "Jerry" O'Connell, American actor
Jerome "Jerry" Garcia, American singer of The Grateful Dead
Jerry Lamon Falwell Sr., American evangelical Southern Baptist pastor, televangelist, and conservative political commentator
Jerry Lamon Falwell Jr., president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia
Jerry Greenfield, American businessman and philanthropist, cofounder of Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Pop Culture References for the name Jerry

"Jerry Maguire," 1996 American romantic comedy-drama sports film, starring Tom Cruise as Jerry
Intern Jerry Hartman, killed by Station Management in podcast "Welcome to Night Vale"
Jerry Shephard, from the movie "Eight Below"
Jerry Smith, character in TV series "Rick and Morty"
Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Jery, Jehri, Jerre, Gerry, Jerison, Jere, Jefree, Gerrey, Jerrie, Jerrey, Jeris