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Gender: F Meaning of Jane: English, "God's gracious gift"

Last moment of glory was in the Janis Joplin sixties.

Famous People Named Janis

Janis Ian (born Janis Eddy Fink), American musician and comedian
Janis Lyn Joplin, American singer-songwriter
Janis Paige (born Donna Mae Tjaden), American singer and actress
Janis Tanaka, American rock bassist
Elsie Janis, American WWI-era singer and actress
Janis Gaye, ex-wife of American singer Marvin Gaye
Janis Lynn Hape, American Olympic swimmer
Janis Gudrun Johnson, Canadian Senator from Manitoba

Pop Culture References for the name Janis

Janis Ian, character in movie "Mean Girls," named after the singer
Janis Gold, character on TV's "24"
Janis Day, main character in newspaper comic strip "Arlo and Janis"
Janis Hawk, main character in TV's "FlashForward"

Janis's International Variations

Januszy (Slavic) Janes (Danish) Janes (Swedish) Janes (Norwegian) Janes (Finnish)