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Gender: F Meaning of Ira: "watchful one" Origin of Ira: Hebrew

Ira for a girl. Yes, we consider it a good candidate for a gender switch, in light of tonal similarities with girl's names like Tyra and Keira. Annette Bening and Warren Beatty broke the ice by using this Old Testament male standard as the middle name of their daughter Isabel. Caveat: It does have that retirement fund connection.

Famous People Named Ira

Virginia Carolina Theresa Pancrazia Galdina "Ira" von Fürstenberg, German princess, socialite and designer
Jane Ira Bloom, American jazz saxophonist
Ira Khan, daughter of Aamir Khan

Pop Culture References for the name Ira

Acronym for Irish Republican Army
Ira pronounced "eerh-uh" is a traditional nickname for Irina in Slavic countries
Latin word for "Wrath", as one of the seven deadly sins