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Gender: F Meaning of Ingrid: "fair, beautiful" Origin of Ingrid: Norse Ingrid's Popularity in 2015: #957

The luminous Ingrid Bergman's appeal was strong enough to lend universal charisma to this classic Scandinavian name, which has been somewhat neglected in this country. Even today, a child named Ingrid would be assumed to be of Scandinavian ancestry, signaling the name has never been fully integrated into the English lexicon the way other European choices from the same era like Danielle or Kathleen have.

Still popular in its native Scandinavia, where it is a royal name, Ingrid is now Number 62 in Sweden; its highest U.S. ranking was Number 383 in 1967.

Its meaning refers to Ing, the Norse god of fertility, peace and prosperity, and he's looked up as the ancestor of the Swedish kings.

Ingrid was the name of mother figures in both Spy Kids and White Oleander. Trivia tidbit: It's Scarlett Johansson's middle name.

Famous People Named Ingrid

Ingrid Victoria Sofia Louise Margareta of Sweden, Queen Consort of Denmark
Victoria Ingrid Alice Desiree, Crown Princess of Sweden
Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway
Ingrid Bergman, Swedish actress
Ingrid Michaelson, American singer-songwriter
Ingrid Lilian Thulin, Swedish actress
Ingrid Auerswald, German Olympic sprinter
Ingrid Seynhaeve, Belgian model
Scarlett Ingrid Johansson, American actress
Michelle Ingrid Williams, American actress
Ingrid Nilson, American voice actress
Ingrid Croce, widow of musician Jim Croce
Ingrid Law, American novelist
Ingrid Newkirk, president of American animal rights organization PETA
Ingrid Heggø, Norwegian MP
Ingrid Saskia Helena de Caluwé, Dutch MP
Ingrid Nilsen, American YouTuber
Ingrid Oliver, English actress

Pop Culture References for the name Ingrid

Ingrid Hunnigan, character in the Resident Evil series
Ingrid Beauchamp, character in The Witches of East End series
Ingrid Magnussen, character in Janet Fitch's "White Oleander"
Ingrid Formanek, character in movie "Live from Baghdad"
Ingrid Levin-Hill, character in "Down the Rabbit Hole" by Peter Abrahams
Ingrid Dracula, character on TV's "Young Dracula"
Ingrid, character in Professor Layton video game series
Ingrid, the Snow Queen on TV's "Once Upon A Time"

Inger, Inge, Ingeborg, Ingaberg, Inga