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Gender: F Meaning of Ilsa: "pledged to God" Origin of Ilsa: German variation of Elizabeth

Ilsa is remembered as the radiant but tragic heroine of "Casablanca," and it's having something of a European resurgence.

Famous People Named Ilsa

Ilze "Ilsa" Konrads, Latvian-Australian Olympic swimmer

Pop Culture References for the name Ilsa

Ilsa Lund, character in movie "Casablanca," portrayed by Ingrid Bergman
Ilsa Hermann, character in book/movie "The Book Thief"
"Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS," 1975 Nazi exploitation movie
Ilsa Haupstein, character in Hellboy comics
Ilsa Prejean, character in Kat Falls' "Inhuman."

Elsa, Ilsy, Ilsey, Ilsaie, Ilse, Ilsie, Ellsa, Else, Illsa, Ilsae