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Gender: F Meaning of Helen: Greek, "bright, shining light"

Ilona has never been used much in the U.S. and is not a likely candidate for success.

Famous People Named Ilona

Ilona Andrews, author
Ilona Massey, actress
Ilona Zrinska, Croatian countess and national heroine

Pop Culture References for the name Ilona

In use in English-speaking countries since the 1940s. The Hungarian-born actress Ilona Massey (Ilona Hajmassy, 1912-74) was appearing in Hollywood films from 1937 onwards, and may have helped spread the name. 'Ilona,' the novel by Hans Haube, first published in English in the 1960s, may also have been responsible for some usage.

Elonna, Illona, Yllona, Ellona, Ilonka, Ilka, Ylonna, Ilyona, Ilonna, Illonia, Elona, Illonya, Illone